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Thank you for making a difficult time in our life easier to deal with.

- Grant Thornton client

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Our Licensed Insolvency Trustees (formerly called Trustee in Bankruptcy or Bankruptcy Trustee) and Estate Managers believe everyone deserves a financial fresh start, while being treated with dignity and respect. We have offices in Winnipeg and across Canada.

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Grant Thornton Debt Solutions

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for a free, no obligation, confidential consultation – on the phone or in person at our office
. A Winnipeg Trustee will help you solve your money problems and assist with any debts or other issues that might be causing you to think about filing a consumer proposal or, as a last resort, personal bankruptcy.

Winnipeg Trustee office


94 Commerce Drive (non-resident*)
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3P 0Z3
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*979 Alloy Drive, Thunder Bay (resident office)

Phone +1 204 594 7160
Toll Free + 1 866 941 6353
Fax +1 204 957 5442

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